Original Museum

Papa Michalis Georgoulakis, Asomatos

The Oriseum takes you into a completely different and mystical world.

Papa Michalis began collecting at age 15. We owe to him this unusual and unique collection of Cretan life of the last century through his open-minded vision and his belief that everything today becomes very fast the past.

Through his incredible attention to detail and his own unique way Papa Michalis has created a thoroughly original museum with exhibits original antiques such as everyday commodities, war objects, church utensils and many more. The Oriseum is located in his picturesque parents home decorated with chandeliers, oil lamps and and plants. Papa Michalis died in October 2008 at the age of 87 and leaves behind a life's work, not found anywhere else.

The museum is being operated now in the spirit of Papa Michalis by his son Giorgos Georgoulakis and his wife Romi Zurcher, who are both fluent in several languages. In addition, all the exhibits are described and explained in Greek, English, German and French.

Apart from the idyllic cafe that invites you to linger and a shop that offers souvenirs and their own grown olive and raki, Romi and Giorgos use this very special atmosphere of the Oriseum for cultural events such as live concerts, exchibitions and events of any kind.

Look forward and enjoy this very unique Oriseum!!

Opening times are daily from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

Entrance: 2,50 euro.